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U.P.S. Shipping Information

*Note: If your order must be shipped to a U.S. Post office box - we cannot send the package via U.P.S. - it must be U.S. Postal service.
UPS Service
Transit time
Your package travels across country in one of those brown UPS trucks you see everywhere!
SoapBox ships from Southern California - so, deliveries to the west coast are naturally faster than the east coast. UPS now guarantees delivery times for Ground shipping to all addresses in the US, both commercial and residential. You can normally figure on 2 - 7 business days (this does NOT include weekends & holidays)
3-day Select
If it's an easy drive, they'll drive it. If not, they'll fly it. Either way, it should arrive on the 3rd day AFTER we give it to them.
UPS does NOT count the day that we give them the package as "transit time"... so start counting the day after our shipping date. This service is designed to arrive 3 days after we give them the package - no Sat., Sun, or Holiday deliveries - count only business days!
2nd Day Air
Required when shipping to Alaska & Hawaii (via UPS). This is strictly air service.
Again - start counting the day AFTER we give it to them. Say we ship it on Tuesday... count Wed. & Thurs.... it arrives on Thursday. This is a 2-day transit time. Once again, no Sat., Sun, or Holiday deliveries - count only business days!
Next Day Air

Saturday delivery is available in most cases - BUT it costs an extra $12.00 (ouch!)

This is what it means - we give it to them Thursday, it arrives on Friday. There are rare cases in which they cannot deliver overnight... but we will let you know as soon as your order is processed, if this is the case. - Once again, no Sat., Sun, or Holiday deliveries - count only business days!


How to Figure Shipping Times:
UPS Guarantees... and SoapBox Guarantees on Delivery Times
Do NOT count the day that we give it to UPS as a transit day. Therefore, if we ship it on a Monday... start counting with Tuesday. If it's a 3-day Select package, shipped on Monday, it should arrive on Thursday.

UPS Normally guarantees all their services. SoapBox relies on UPS to do their best... therefore, what SoapBox can guarantee is that if your "express" package does not arrive on time - assuming that there were no problems on your end (i.e. - you gave us the wrong address or UPS is physically unable to deliver to the location you gave us, etc.), SoapBox will refund you the cost of the express upgrade. What this means is that we'll refund you the difference between our regular shipping charge and the upgrade to "express" service. We can only do this, however, if you notify us immediately upon discovery of the error! (Don't wait a month to let us know!!)

Some things to note: UPS almost always supends their guarantees in the case of war (yikes!), terrorism (yuk!), civil unrest (as opposed to simple restlessness or normal sleeplessness), "acts of God", and extremely severe weather (this does not include a simple "cloudy day" in Southern California!). They also suspend all but their Next Day guarantee as we approach the Winter Holidays - beginning, conveniently, about 10 days before Christmas!


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Outside Southern California...
Call Toll-Free 877-220-SOAP (7627)

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