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Great Balls of Fizz! (Bath Bombs)

Take one, drop it in your tub - it will fizz like AlkaSeltzer - spinning & fizzing, it will release essential oils into your bath and the air...
Exploding with natural herbal aromas!
...the sodium bicarbonate will soften your bath and you'll have a wonderful, relaxing bath experience! The kids will love these too!

Great Balls of Fizz

are being


Dreams (purple)

Traditional Lavender essential oil to soothe and relax your body & spirit!


Lust For Life! (reddish)

Our vibrant Signature blend of essential oils will stir your senses (rosemary, patchouli, lemongrass and cinnamon leaf)


Get them while you can!!

All Gone!


To order a Lust For Life! Bath Fizz-Ball Click here

was $4.25 per ball - NOW $3.00 each

Now you can also order our Great Balls of Fizz Gift Crate! It makes a wonderful gift... for Holidays, for kids, for someone who likes bath & body products, or just for yourself! They look fabulous (as shown in the picture above) and there's always a nice, natural aroma coming from this gift!

To order a Great Balls of Fizz - Gift Crate (3 fizz-balls) Click here

was $13.50 per crate -

NOW $9.50 each

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**Just a Note about our Packaging:
You'll be happy to know that similar to the way in which we create our products, our packaging is natural and environmentally friendly as well... from the wooden crates (hand made in Oregon) to the cellophane wrap (which is a biodegradable, natural wood product).

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