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Utopian Body & Bath Oils

In our Utopian Oils, we refuse to use anything less than pure Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oils. Then, to create each oil's unique character and aromatherapeutic magic, we blend our own special mix of pure essential oils with the Jojoba & Almond.

Awesome for body or bath!

Lavender Oil is steeped in tradition as a relaxing & calming aromatherapy agent. We think it’s a fine basis for beginning our premium line of body& bath oils.

Lust for Life!
We’ve created a blending of essential oils in this product which we think will bring a renewed sense of life to your being. Try it and see if you agree – we think you will!







CRAZY man...


OH!! I almost forgot one of our new skin emollients!!

KOOKOO! for Cocoa Butter!

You ARE going to LOVE this! We make this with mostly Cocoa Butter (as you probably have guessed!). Then we add a little Safflower Oil for the advantages of it's high Linoleic Acid content (good for the skin). We blend a little Grapseed Oil (a very light emollient - popular in Spa applications) in for good measure - and finally, we've added a burst of Vitamin E to top it off. So, what we have here is a fabulous skin balm, loaded with good stuff AND, yep - you guessed it, it smells just like chocolate! We decided not to use the unscented Cocoa Butter - we kind of liked the idea that it still retains it's natural chocolaty aroma! We hope you enjoy it as well.

Use this product as you would any quality skin balm, especially on dry patches, rough spots (elbows and knees), and really anywhere that gets regular abuse. This is a great formula for those of you who spend lots of time in the sun or outdoors in general! Some of our testers (friends & family) even prefer to use this as a regular hand-care product. Tell us how you like it!

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**Just a Note about our Packaging:
You'll be happy to know that similar to the way in which we create our products, our packaging is natural and environmentally friendly as well... from the wooden crates (hand made in Oregon) to the cellophane wrap (which is a biodegradable, natural wood product).

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