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Bath Salts & Bath Teas w/ real Dead Sea Salts

Our Bath Salts are made with Dead Sea salts, Epsom Salts and a combination of essential oils - all to soften your bath, relax your muscles, detoxify your skin and strengthen your spirit... creating the ultimate bathing experience! Toss a handful in the tub and relax! Packaged in a nostalic, old-fashioned glass milk bottle (w/ cork) - our price is $15.99 for 19 ounces of salt.


Eucalyptus Grove
...invigorating Eucalyptus essential oil really gets you going. - - $15.99

Citrus Orchard
...essential oils of Bergamot & Lime for an uplifting experience. - - $15.99

Lavender Fields
...essential oil of Lavender for that classic soothing and relaxing effect. - $15.99




EMPTY MILK BOTTLES Looking for just the milk bottle? We sell those too. They have many other uses - a vase, storage jar, you name it (even milk)!

Milk bottle with cork $2.75

Milk bottle without cork $2.50




We also have our fabulous bath salts in a smaller 10oz size which comes in a very simple, natural kraft bag. Same "flavors" - same wonderful experience in the bath!

Eucalyptus Grove


Citrus Orchard


Lavender Fields



Bath Teas

Made with imported Dead Sea salts, essential oils and herbs – toss one or two in the tub, let it steep like tea, and relax in the aromatic ambiance. $4.50 for a two-pack.
  Calendula Petal
...Combines skin soothing Calendula Petals with refreshing Orange for a naturally revitalizing bath.

  Mint Leaf
...Spearmint Oil and Mint Leaves for the senses, Yarrow Herb for the skin


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**Just a Note about our Packaging:
You'll be happy to know that similar to the way in which we create our products, our packaging is natural and environmentally friendly as well... from the wooden crates (hand made in Oregon) to the cellophane wrap (which is a biodegradable, natural wood product).


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