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Let's Talk About ORDERING!

(this process is pretty simple - we're very NON-complex in this category...)

Alrighty then, to begin with...

We now have a Secure Server Shopping Cart System for your convenience. There should be an "add to your shopping cart" icon next to all of the products we carry. You can simply click on any of those icons and that specific item will be added to your shopping cart. At that time, you'll be transferred to our shopping cart's secure server - and you'll see that the item is placed (and priced) in your shopping cart. At that time, you have a number of options:

a) You can click on the "back" button of your browser, and you'll be taken directly back to the page you came from. The shopping cart will NOT forget your selection though!

b) You can click on the "Continue Shopping" icon in the shopping cart. This will take you back to our general Products page.

c) You can check out, submit your payment information - the order flies back to us and we ship it out - and in no time: you're relaxing with fabulous SoapBox Products, giving your skin the best, most natural care available!


Order On- Line > Simply use the shopping cart icons and follow the instruction when checking out
Order By Email > Write your order in an Email and send it to us. We'll send you you an Email confirmation of your order and the dollar amount.
Order By Phone > Call us Toll Free: (877) 220-SOAP (that's 877-220-7627)


San Gorgonio Pass (Palm Springs)

Here's a little picture I took - for your entertainment, while you think about ordering!

  * Make a list of what you want.
  * Have a credit card handy - - - (Mastercard, VISA, or Discover)
  * ...and call us! (877)220-SOAP

We'll take your order right over the phone, give you a total price, and send it out to you ASAP!

How's that for simple?


From the Southern California area...
(818) 232-7429
Outside Southern California...
Call Toll-Free!! 877-220-SOAP (7627)

Fax Number: (818) 993-9796

E-Mail us your order right NOW!
Click Here: e-mail order

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