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U.S. Postal Shipping Information

*Note: If your order must be shipped to a U.S. Post office box - we cannot send the package via U.P.S. - it must be U.S. Postal service.
USPS Service
Transit time
1st Class Mail
It's regular postal mail: Like a letter, it gets there when it gets there. No time guarantees - no insurance - no tracking.
1st Class mail typically takes anywhere from 2 - 7 days in the domestic U.S. The Postal Service does deliver on Saturdays. We typically do not use this service unless your order is very small and we can save you some money by shipping it this way. Our experience & discretion determines if an order can benefit from this service.
Priority Mail
A small upgrade in cost from 1st Class Mail - this service allows for insurance & tracking for an additional cost.
The Post Office officially says this is "2 - 3 day service"... but our experience says it's safer to assume 3 - 5 day service. We use this service primarily when we're shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or a P.O. Box. UPS requires 2nd Day Air for AK & HI (which is much more expensive) and UPS does not deliver to P.O. Boxes. There is no "guaranteed delivery time" on this service, but we do attach tracking & insurance. We think UPS is a little more reliable if your order is time-sensative.
Express Mail
This is NOT an "overnight" service! This is Express Mail. tracking & insurance are automatic. A little less expensive than UPS Next Day - and no extra fee for delivery on the weekend.

The Postal Service will tell you that in most cases, the package will arrive the next day... and in many cases they're right. But they only "guarantee" that it will arrive in 2 days. The upside: they'll deliver any day of the week (Sundays too!) as long as you've shipped it during their normal hours Mon. - Sat. - - - **This means: We must get it to them before 4:00pm on weekdays and before 3:30pm on Saturdays. What this does NOT mean: is that if you place an internet order for something on Saturday afternoon that it's guaranteed to process, pack, and ship out an hour later and arrive on Sunday!


U.S. Postal Guarantees... and SoapBox Guarantees on Delivery Times
The U.S. Postal Service only guarantees Express Mail for delivery times (2 days). SoapBox relies on The Post Office to do their best... therefore, what SoapBox can guarantee is that if your "express" package does not arrive on time - assuming that there were no problems on your end (i.e. - you gave us the wrong address or Post Office is physically unable to deliver to the location you gave us, etc.), SoapBox will refund you the cost of the express upgrade. What this means is that we'll refund you the difference between our regular shipping charge and the upgrade to "express" service. We can only do this, however, if you notify us immediately upon discovery of the error! (Don't wait a month to let us know!!)


DAMAGE!! - product and/or packages
What's the deal?
What do I do?
In nearly all cases, our shipments are insured for damage. We do this so that we can offer you prompt replacement of any shipment which was damaged in transit. But, to fulfill the requirements for us to claim the insurance (thus giving us the ability to respond promptly to you), it is neccessary for you to keep the damaged items AND packaging (the box in which it was shipped) in case UPS or The Post Office should need to inspect the damage. You must notify us immediately upon receipt of a damaged shipment so that we can both contact the delivery service for the insurance claim as well as take care of your needs for replacement product

1) Save the delivery package & all the contents (destroyed or not).

2) Contact SoapBox and describe in detail what kind of damage occured and what part if not all of the shipment was damaged.

3) We'll connect with the Delivery Service (UPS or USPS) and make arrangements for them to inspect the damage, if neccessary.

4) We will contact you and keep you abreast of the situation.

5) We will make every effort to insure that you'll have replacement product ASAP!




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