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Andrea answers e-mails, questions, or addresses comments that might pertain to all of our friends & customers. Check here periodically to catch a few of Andrea's new thoughts & tips on Skin Care, our new Products, or just her random musings on the state of the world - from inside the SoapBox!

SkinCare/Moisturizing Tips

- Drink lots of water! Your skin NEEDS water... this helps you detoxify and stay healthy.

- Avoid extreme sunlight exposure. Most avoidable skin damage occurs from exposure to the sun. Of course, you needn't be a recluse to have healthy skin - but don't overdue it with sunlight!

- Apply lotion just after you get out of the shower or just after you wash your hands. Most lotion formulas contain more than enough emulsifying power to bring additional moisture into your skin - and taking advantage of when your wet efficient use of your lotion. You'll use less lotion - and it will be more effective!

Cool Websites I've found:


Far East Summit

Alred's Apothecary


  FLASH! - I'm very excited about our new Moisturizing Stuff! Basically, when we began creating our lotions, our first priority was to make a natural product as well as a quality one, of course. Then, once we were satisfied with our formulas in terms of moisturizing and protecting the skin - we turned to aroma... or "flavor" as we refer to it here at SoapBox! The essential oil combinations we chose for our first 4 lotions are pretty cool - - one of them combines Grapefruit, Vanilla & orange, another is Lavender & Orange, and yet another combines Ylang Ylang with Vanilla and a hint of Cloves - - WOW! I'm really anxious to see how well you all love them - - 'cause we sure do! Let me know!

Hello Everyone!
...and thank you for stopping by SoapBox!
My comments here are not really advisory or the answer to anyone's question, so much as they are a wish.

I guess I should explain... When Paul & I were putting this company together and developing all of our products, it became a challenge to find suppliers who could provide us with raw materials that were environmentally friendly and all natural.

Clear wrapping, for example, is offered in a zillion different styles of plastic... but we had to really search to find someone who would provide us with cellophane (made from wood fiber & biodegradable). Even then, many of the suppliers had to check and see if they carried REAL cellophane or just "cello-wrap" which is actually plastic in disguise!

This, of course, was just one of the many hurdles we've had to overcome to bring you a product that is not only made with pure & natural products, but packaged with them as well. And although we're proud of our accomplishments thus far... we're always looking to improve.

So, I guess part of what I'm saying here is that it would really be nice if more companies made an effort not only to provide "natural" and "environmentally friendly" products; but that these companies actively promote their natural products! There are those of us out here who would happily purchase them!

Oh... and before I forget: I said earlier we're always looking to improve... all of you are encouraged to let us know of any companies YOU know who provide quality, natural products! We'll look'em over and see if they have anything we can use!

Thanks again for dropping by! - - I'd love to hear from you! You can e-mail me right here & now, by clicking on
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Take care!

- Andrea

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