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Domestic Shipping Times

*SoapBox reserves the right to ship according to the most expedient method available to us.


U.S. Postal Guarantees... and SoapBox Guarantees on Delivery Times

The U.S. Postal Service only guarantees their Express Mail Service. Therefore, what SoapBox can guarantee is that if your "express mail" package does not arrive on time (this means 2-days) - assuming that there were no problems on your end (i.e. - you gave us the wrong address or The Postal Service is physically unable to deliver to the location you gave us, etc.), SoapBox will refund you the cost of the express upgrade. What this means is that we'll refund you the difference between our regular shipping charge and the upgrade to "express" service. We can only do this, however, if you notify us immediately upon discovery of the error! (Don't wait a month to let us know!!)

**The Postal Service does NOT guarantee delivery times on 1st Class or Priority Mail.


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